A new way to rent cars

First Contact


When our friends at zyppys first approached us, they were a two-year-old startup operating in 20+ cities. With a business that’s very similar to Uber India, zyppys was an online platform to rent Intercity chauffeur driven cars.


After Uber India and OLA (Uber’s prime competitor in India) started penetrating deeper into the market, the car rental industry saw a significant change in the country. Consumer expectations from brands leveled up — good brand & user experience became inevitable.

Even after Uber, OLA India, 80% of India’s rental car industry is still unorganized. Our vision is to play a leading role in organizing this $8B industry.

To be able to leapfrog an industry, it's not enough to work on superficial user experience. Renting cars is not a problem anymore; it's easy. Zyppys needs to re-think its core hypothesis and become something larger than Intercity cabs.


Product Hypotheses.

After conducting several design sprints working closely with Zyppys's team, we have arrived at the following product hypotheses that felt like the right ideas to build Zyppys 2.0. This was based on existing user data, Interviewing customer support team, Competitive Analysis.


Mostly rent cars forleisure travel.

It's important for them

  • To maximize the experiences they have while traveling.

  • Have freedom and control over their itinerary.

  • Not to have to worry about a bad vehicle.

However, currently

The shopping experience in order to rent a car in India is broken. There's no standardization. Companies that offer self driven don't offer chauffeur driven. Some companies are restricted to certain kind of vehicles. Users have to spend a lot of time scouring through the internet, browsing multiple websites, and comparing prices, cars, quality. As a result, many waste time and money because of bad deals as they don't know something better exists.

Clearcut Design

Mostly rent cars forleisure travel.

It's important for them

  • Have a fun & safe trip.

  • To have the least amount of hiccups possible.

  • To spend time with children.

And currently,

The number of companies offering chauffeur driven rentals that are known to people are less. There are barely two or three companies that have some brand recall. Having a central marketplace brand that they could trust as a facilitator will empower them with better renting experiences.

Clearcut Design

Final Call?

A One stop shop for renting all kinds of cars.

Zyppys changed to a one stop destination for all the car rental needs.


Brand Identity

We tapped into cognitive science and asked: “How do we create a brand that sparks the same excitement in people’s minds when they think about a roadtrip?”

The answer was to use some form of biomimicry: The colors and the patterns that we see in our natural environment, if replicated in digital environments, often tend to activate similar emotions.

Sunset Sky

By Shane Cotee-1276019 (www.unsplash.com)
By Shane Cotee-1276019 (www.unsplash.com)

Sunset Roads

Type Face

Chromatica for ZyppysChromatica Heading for zyppysChromatica Paragraph for zyppys

Product Design

After intensive analysis of similar business models around the world, we arrived at a product strategy. Many of the global competitors had run-of-the-mill marketplace experiences that were chaotic and cluttered with options. We decided to be fundamentally different. The new experience needed to be decluttered to the absolute minimum, but at the same time people shouldn't feel restrictive about their choice.

The hardest part that we probably spent the most time upon, was to design a marketplace experience that doesn’t feel too busy and overwhelming like a marketplace.

Really respecting mobile users

Mobile users come with many nuanced differences compared to desktop users. Simply trying to fit everything onto a smaller screen wouldn't be the best user experience. We designed the experience keeping mobile usage in mind from day one — deeply understanding and respecting the usage patterns of smartphone users.

To tie it all down,
We've built a Marketing Page

So, how did everything go?

Massive Betterment in CAC

The new product has seen a massive drop in cost per customer acquisition. It used to be around 800INR in early 2018. By Jan 2019, the price has come down to 400INR, and it continues to keep getting better.

Other Improvements

Apart from user acquisition cost, we've achieved a staggering drop in bounce rate to a close 8%.

Not only that, customer care calls have declined by 90%, showing that users needed lesser manual assistance — the product became self explanatory. This has been saving zyppys a lot money, which would otherwise be spent upon IVR support, call center personnel, etc.

Zyppys has achieved several accolades from users, friends and also competitors in the business.

So long, and so fun!

Working with zyppys was fun and challenging. Currently, their in-house team usually is tweaking the product according to market inputs. We wish that they find the right kind of help in marketing this product so that it reaches its full potential.

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