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$5 Million

Illinois, United States


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User Data is the King

PIX North America came to us with a need to have an online presence that's modern and appealing to their key demographic. Following a B2B model of business PIX's key demographic was not a usual user base. Although their competition like have been putting some online efforts, they were very dated and still followed the dot com era strategies. Hence, we decided that in our efforts of building PIX NA's online presence we will have a larger goal to collect as much data of the site's users as possible. Everything we did and planned for had the underlying agenda of this.

Phase One

Cleanup the brand Image and get Consistency. Build a basic site to be improved in phase two based on the data.

Phase Two

Get the data from Phase One and build a data driven website, a data controlled digital marketing campaign and increase brand equity.


Action One.

We gave them Brand Coherence.

color pallette.

font family


Action Two.

We built an amazingly Simple Site.

With a strategy to collect user behavioral data, we built a simple site that focused on the bare bones of their business. Soon, we started seeing increase usage and an abundant flow of data.

Along with a bunch of
Clean Brochures

Creating brand equity was important in the belt manufacturing industry. We heard from the stakeholders of PIX multiple times that a majority of their target demographic buy their competitor's (gates) belts just because they were gates. Hence, in order to begin PIX's footsteps towards overpowering the brand presence of their competition, visual identity and it's coherence was important. We designed brochures putting their audience at the fore-front; we shifted PIX from a method of forcing their audience to consume product information to a method where we engaged their audience to read the brochures.

And also
Expo Booths that stoodout.

Trade shows were a big part of their sales funnel. Large deals were closed in these massive shows. Hence, we weren't gonna let them skip the advantages of an outstanding booth. So even though it was not a part of what we signed up for, we wanted the best representation for our clients. Extensively thought out booth designs were delivered on multiple occasions.



Increase in Web Traffic


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Moz Rank.

A Year of User Data.

After collecting a year of Usage data and understanding what we needed exactly to catapult PIX into near online monopoly in their industry, we came up with a strategy to move forward with phase two of implementing those solutions that their demographic truly wanted. Unfortunately, with a change in the PIX's management structure, they didn't see it necessary to have a long term sustainable plan of leading with innovation but decided to stick to short sighted way of doing things that copied their competition. We had to part ways as we didn't see the direction and we wish PIX all the good luck in its endeavors.