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Engage is a instructional design team formed as a part of the Computing and Communications Center at University of California, Riverside. An instructional design team works towards innovation in teaching and research methodolody, and also helps students, faculty with the training and introduction of newer technologies and tools that improve the education process.

Engage was formed almost a year ago, when Praneeth, our founder was working at Computing and Communications Center and Engage’s team was thinking of redesigning their site.

The Problem

Even though Engage was operating for almost over an year, much of the campus community was not aware of the team. Very little people knew about the existence of this team or what it has to offer. Meanwhile, engage team's duties were required extensively by the faculty every quarter. Hence, streamiling their support process and the word about the capabilities of the team across the campus were the challenges being faced.

Our Solutions

1Information Architecture

Engage had a wide variety of reponsibilities, offerings and tools to provide for the campus community. It was hard for a un-related person to understand what engage is. Having a systematic arrangement of site pages with a prioritized order of things was important. Hence, our first step was to refine the Information Architecture for the website.

2Design Sprints

After conducting multiple design sprints involving some major decisions, we were able to better identify the direction and scope of the project. The sprints proved to be vital to many successful decisions during the course of the project. They also helped in maintaining focus throughout the project.


Systematic evaluation of the site's functionality and features in a short span of time was only possible through providing wireframes. The conceptual solutions were effectively communicated through wireframes which lead to fruitful iterations and lead to cleaner and better userflows and feature prioritization.

Blast Mockup

4Static Mockups

A cross functional team thrives on feedback and providing static mockups via invision helped in saving time and smoothened the project pipeline.


Modernization, better communication, and distinctive identity so that engage's site won't get lost among the myriad other campus's sites were on the agenda. Inorder to achieve, fresh photos that took a tone of the visual language of the new design were needed and praneeth ended up conducting photoshoots with their team.

6Robust Code

While the project was on-going, the university was undergoing a campus wide redesign process to a more robust content management and design systems. However, the due on that redesign was way ahead in the future. Hence, writing code in a modular fashion that helps in future integrations or modifications was very important. Extensive care was taken in writing code to achieve the future-proof standards.


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